When it Comes to Uniting, Credit Unions Never Take a Holiday

While many are looking forward to barbeques, planning for fireworks, or hoping for perfect beach weather as the 4th of July approaches, credit unions have been focused on coming together to ensure the continued strength of the Credit Union Movement.

As credit unions fight to retain their tax exempt status, the new website established by CUNA,, highlights the many ways that credit unions excel at working together for the greater good – for their communities, their members and each other.

The site even includes a new story feature, so credit unions can share all the good they continue to do for so many in this country.

As an organization committed to serving credit unions, we love to see what happens when credit unions come together, be it for a local cause, or a national initiative. That’s just one of the many reasons we unite with only credit unions, supporting them in everything from the ability to offer the latest products, like mobile capture, to members to creating the perfect auto loan campaign to meet a specific loan growth goal. 

So while we unite together to celebrate our country in the week ahead, is a great place to acknowledge, celebrate, and appreciate the power of the Credit Union Movement, today and every day.