A Powerful Partnership, for Powerful Mobile Delivery

With all the news on mobile, we thought it was time to have conversation on this increasingly popular way of credit union connection. Here, Nick Chasse, Director of Sales Support for Synergent Technology Services, shares how our offerings are helping credit unions meet this need.

Access Softek, Synergent’s partner in providing mobile banking to our credit union users, is a very focused and proven provider of mobile banking technology.   We chose them because they had all of the products/services related to mobile banking that Synergent credit union users were looking for:

  • Apps branded to each individual credit union for both phones and tablets
  • SMS text banking
  • WAP functionality for other web enabled phones 
  • Established track record of installations with credit unions using the Episys core processing platform
  • Overall attractive look and feel

When we first started promoting mobile banking to our credit unions, our initial estimate was that roughly 10% of active home banking users are a credit union would adopt and use mobile.   We are pleased to see that the reality has been more than double our expectations.  Here’s what we are seeing: 

  • For credit unions using NTMC home banking, just over 22% of these members also useAccess Softek mobile – over 7% of all membership as a whole. 
  • For credit unions using Jwaala Better Online Banking, nearly 27% also use Access Softek Mobile Banking – over 10% of all membership as a whole.
  • We have a credit union that boasts over 44% of their home banking users using mobile, which is roughly 20% of their entire membership. 
  • Over 38,000 members are actively using mobile banking through Access Softek each month, and this continues to grow as credit unions market the solution, add functions such as bill pay integration or mobile capture, and new credit unions continue to sign up to implement this great solution.

Beyond these numbers, there’s no better stat to show the success of this partnership than the publishing in Callahan’s last year that Maine leads the nation by percentage of total credit unions offering mobile banking to their members, where Synergent has a strong base of users.   Also, nearly 40,000 members in Synergent’s Episys user base are actively using mobile banking each month, and growing quickly!

See Access Softek Mobile Banking in action here!

Diana Dionne
Communications & Marketing Coordinator