Synergent President Randy Stolp Recently Featured on CUInsight Podcast

In a recent episode of The CUInsight Network podcast, listeners were given to the opportunity to hear directly from Randy Stolp, President of Synergent. The interview was conducted by Lauren Culp, President and CEO of CUInsight, and included questions about Randy’s career journey, who Synergent is as an organization, our commitment to delivering essential solutions to credit unions and their members, and Randy’s philosophy on work-life harmony.

“I look at Synergent as a purpose-driven, people-focused cooperative,” said Randy. “I’ve always looked at people as our best technology, and that’s one of the areas where Synergent and I are very aligned. We are focused on service excellence and not just hosting things for credit unions.”

Vision for the Future

When asked about his vision for Synergent, Randy shared his holistic approach and focus for the future.

“It’s about people, process, and products. But the more we work on that, even in just a short amount of time, I realize that’s not just a mantra for the first 90 days or first year. That’s our focus going forward. We start with people. Service excellence is our differentiator.”

Continuing to Be the Best

Within the credit union industry, Synergent has long been known for identifying the right products and solutions to fit the unique needs of each credit union we serve.

“We are going to continue at Synergent to be the best integrator of products and services so that credit unions can make banking easy for their members and make working for their members easy for their employees.”

Randy also talked about the importance of education; identified great leaders and books that impacted his life; and shared insight into his love of family, music, travel, and staying connected.

About The CUInsight Network podcast

The CUInsight Network podcast takes a deeper dive with the thought leaders who support the credit union community. In their episodes, they discuss issues and challenges facing credit unions and identify best practices to learn and grow together.

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