Card Skimming Fraud Scheme Update

Protecting your credit union and your members from fraud is one of Synergent’s highest priorities. As part of our efforts and when appropriate, we work closely with law enforcement officers to aid in active investigations involving fraud.  

In 2019, card skimming devices were placed in gas pumps at stations across New England. The skimmers used technology that was so advanced at the time, law enforcement in the region was unfamiliar with it. When a customer swiped their card at a compromised pump, the track data would be transmitted via SMS message to the main target’s cell phone. This resulted in over 4,800 credit card numbers being compromised. 

Synergent worked with the Boston field office of the United States Secret Service to provide them with information that contained where our members’ cards were compromised. This information helped the Secret Service track down the locations of several skimming devices.  

We are pleased to report that the Secret Service has informed us that the individual responsible for this scheme has pled guilty to the 18-count indictment. His sentencing is scheduled for May 11, and the defendant is expected to receive a five-year prison sentence. In addition to receiving this update, Synergent was thanked for the integral role we played in assisting with their investigation.  

While this is a positive development, fraud schemes like these will continue to happen. Rest assured, Synergent will remain vigilant in our efforts to prevent fraud and help bring those guilty of scams to justice.