Core User Group Provides Unique, Collaborative Forum

My Synergent is the self-serve portal available as a resource to all Synergent credit union partners, but did you know that in addition to providing support and housing job aids, announcements, and other training resources, there is also a Jack Henry™ Symitar® Core User Group?

“The Core User Group is a unique place for credit unions to collaborate and exchange ideas,” explained Pat Mileski, Product Analyst for Synergent. “The day-to-day experience is something credit unions share, and the Core User Group is where they can connect with each other about all things Symitar. It’s meant to be a place for credit unions to interact with each other. It is for credit unions and moderated by credit unions.”

In addition to the forum, Synergent also facilitates at least one meeting per quarter for Symitar users that is led by six credit union staff members in various roles. Each session covers topics identified by the leadership team deemed relevant to core users.

How It Works

Postings are live and resemble a user-friendly social media chat thread. Participants have the option to follow specific topics if they wish. When a question is posted, multiple responses can be added, and group members can indicate which answers they feel best address the question. Discussions also are searchable by keyword, and in searchesif there are related knowledge articlesthose also will pop up in the results.

A link also is provided in the My Synergent Core User Group to the Credit Union Idea Form, where credit unions can easily submit feedback and ideas to Synergent’s Product Development team.

Accessing the My Synergent Symitar Core User Group

Logging in is easy! Once logged in to the My Synergent portal, select “More” on the main navigation, then click “Symitar Core User Group.”

Learn More

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