Data, Technology, and the Great New England Credit Union Show

Synergent is looking forward to attending the Great New England Credit Union Show in Boxborough, MA on April 28. We invite you to visit our booth as you enter the tradeshow floor, and to join us for a panel discussion with experts in the latest credit union technology, direct marketing, and payments options at our 9:00 AM educational session Thriving Through Advancing Technology: Converting Data Into Profits. 

Nick Chasse, Synergent’s Vice President of Business Development, gave us a sneak peek of Synergent’s upcoming presence at the Great New England Credit Union Show:

Q: What can attendees expect to learn at Synergent’s educational session Thriving Through Advancing Technology: Converting Data Into Profits?

Chasse: Attendees will obtain great insight from our industry experts on the topics of core processing, data mining and the ever-changing payments landscape. These topics are critical contributors to a credit union’s bottom line and effectively managing them is of the utmost importance today, more than ever.

Q: How will Synergent’s expert panel address “data” and “technology” for credit unions?

Chasse: These are big terms for sure and the important thing is to not be overwhelmed by them. Embrace them! Both lead directly to profits in a big way. Every credit union has member data. The value of this data cannot be underestimated and it is crucial that credit unions leverage this to add more profitable services to their existing membership base. If they don’t, someone else will.

Technology encompasses many things. It’s equally important to provide your members with the most advanced tools to manage their finances as it is to have credit union staff-facing tools to effectively mine existing data to unearth additional opportunities that will simultaneously grow the credit union and keep members happy. Credit unions do not have to tackle these two items alone, as there are partners in the industry who are experts in these areas who can really give credit unions a jump start.  

A critical component frequently overlooked is how well a product integrates with the core platform. Tangibles and intangibles are considered in deciding what new products to offer members. Overlooking intangibles can negatively impact the bottom line. Two identical platforms could perform the same tasks, such as account opening or lending, but if one platform has superior integration to the core, it will lead to efficiencies, increased productivity, and happier staff servicing your members.

Q: Synergent will have a booth near the entrance at the event. What will be happening at the booth and why should attendees stop by? 

Chasse: This will be Synergent’s largest showing at the GNECUS to date. We will have seven staff members on hand to meet, greet, and mingle with attendees.  We will also have a larger booth, giving more space for conversations.  We are always happy to chat and brainstorm on any topic at all. Feel free to visit us to talk technology, payment services, marketing or anything at all on your mind. As a partner to credit unions, we are here for YOU!