Employee Spotlight: Jamison Talkington, Team Lead – Core Conversions & Consulting

Synergent’s mission is to ‘help credit unions succeed and improve the financial lives of their members.’ In our monthly Employee Spotlight series, we feature one of our dedicated staff members to help you get to know the people who are working as an extension of your credit union team.

Jamison Talkington

Jamison Talkington, Team Lead – Core Conversions and Consulting, is integral to Synergent’s Development team. When she joined the enterprise a year and a half ago, it was as a Consultant with the Core Conversions and Consulting team before moving to a Conversion Analyst position. Talkington has gained experience and exposure within multiple areas of the organization in a short period of time.

“I started with the company as a Senior Business Analyst Consultant and moved to the Conversions team as a floating Business Analyst where I was a Share Business Analyst,” explained Talkington. “When the Team Lead – Core Conversions and Consulting position was posted, I applied and was awarded the position.”

Prior to joining the company, Talkington worked at one of Synergent’s customer credit unions. While there, she held multiple roles across various departments, gaining a wide range of experience and knowledge within the credit union space.

“The last department I worked in at the credit union was focused on systems,” said Talkington. “I worked with the core daily and worked on mergers from the credit union side. When I first came to Synergent, I was hired as a Senior Business Analyst Consultant and immediately knew that the Conversions side was where I wanted to be. I enjoy a challenge and love the opportunity to learn and grow with my team daily.”

Supporting Credit Union Conversions

Day-to-day as Team Lead, Talkington is prepared to support her staff through any issues that arise. Typically, this means assisting with general tasks or working on conversion crossovers, database verifications, and/or meeting with credit unions to determine how they want their data to convert over or merge into the surviving credit union.

“Conversions intrigue me, and what all and who all it takes to make one successful,” expressed Talkington. “It truly takes a team, and everyone involved has so much knowledge to share. Seeing that all come together on live day/week is such a wonderful feeling when you know you are a part of it.”

Talkington and her team work closely with credit unions when they are bringing on new ones through conversions or while the credit unions are undergoing mergers.

“It is a very impactful team and making a great first impression on our credit unions is very important.” reflected Talkington. “Helping our credit unions navigate all of their data during a merger or conversion is vital in the success of the project.”

Between her team and all the credit unions she works with, Talkington loves every aspect of her job.

“Hearing a credit union smile and laugh when you are on the call with them is such a highlight,” shared Talkington. “I love helping credit unions navigate our system and learn new things. When they call and have an issue or can’t figure something out, and I’m able to help them, it brings so much joy to me!”

Her joy carries outside of the office when connecting with loved ones.

“I love spending time with my family!” shared Talkington. “My husband and I have two boys, and when we are not at the baseball field, we enjoy hunting, fishing, and watching any sport where we are all together.”