Help Your Members Back-to-School Shop

Across the nation, credit union members are gearing up for back-to-school shopping. Whether they are preparing for kindergarten or college, your credit union can help your members make the back-to-school frenzy feel like a breeze.

To help your members through this time of big spending, Synergent has produced a series of videos showcasing credit union technology and convenience. These Financial Tools videos are customizable and easy to follow, allowing you to share with your members. Steps for using the online banking, mobile finance manager, and mobile check deposits come alive in these videos.

The National Retail Federation reported that the average family with at least two children in kindergarten through high school will spend an average of $669.28 on back-to-school shopping. Your members need to know that their credit union is there to support them with this heavy spending season, be it through a mobile app, Shared Branching, or a convenient ATM Network.

Your members want to take advantage of a highly functioning mobile app that allows them to view accounts and transfer funds on the go, making it easy for them to avoid over draft fees.

It is also a good time to position loans for your credit union. Through a highly targeted campaign, your credit union can also use Synergent’s Direct Marketing Services  to market loans that help your members head off to school in style, with a new car! These campaigns can be as simple as a targeted email for rewards checking, all the way up to a personalized direct mail campaign for credit cards.

No matter the method chosen, it is important to connect with members and maximize your communication channels, regardless of the time of year. Being present for members during times of substantial spending is just one way to create lasting relationships.


Katy Robinson
Corporate Marketing & Communications Assistant