Help Your Members “Get the Message”

Getting the message out to your members is important to growing your credit union, but it’s only part of the challenge – the other part? Having your credit union message seen. Your messaging must go beyond a catchy tagline. Research from the Social Science Research Network states that 65% of people are visual learners; this information drives home the importance of planning your credit union’s marketing campaigns and keeping them visually appealing and effective.

 Synergent’s Direct Marketing Services knows that messaging combined with the correct target audience and imaging is what helps to build a successful marketing campaign. “Great headlines, simple messaging coupled with impactful, clear, simple, playful, meaningful, or heartwarming imagery that is simple and not cluttered will grab your members’ attention,” said Jane Monaghan, Creative Director, Synergent. “Don’t over write, less is more,” added Monaghan.

 In a world where your members are already inundated with images vying for their attention, marketers must be extra vigilant to choose the right messaging for the right time, without overwhelming members. One way to have a successful campaign is to plan a targeted marketing campaign. The campaign is tailored to a group of members fitting specific criteria. Imagery and messaging that would appeal to the target is created. Another benefit? Monaghan said, “Targeted marketing works great, because it is measured with results.” This allows marketers to take an empirical look at what works, and what to change for future campaigns.

As you plan your credit union’s next marketing campaign, consider making it visual, getting your message across with imagery versus text heavy pieces. Keep in mind something that might catch your eye, then, change that imagery to something that might catch the eye of your parents, neighbors, or children. Teaming up with Synergent’s Direct Marketing Services allows you to plan these campaigns with experienced designers that can keep your goal in mind and help you see results.