Plan Your 2024 Marketing Strategy

Are your plans in place for member communications for 2024? Whether you want a second set of eyes on the marketing plan you’ve prepared or need to get started on your marketing content plan for the year, kickoff 2024 with Synergent. Our Marketing Services team is scheduling consultations to discuss marketing strategies and campaign ideas to help you connect with your members each month of the year.

Where to Begin

The team of experts at Synergent becomes an extension of your team. Together, you’ll start by identifying projects, defining your budget, and setting deadlines that are achievable throughout the year.

“It does take some work up front to create a full marketing plan for the year, but what we hear over and over again is how having a plan in place removes stress throughout the year,” explained Erica Vachon, Senior Marketing Services Representative for Synergent Marketing Services. “It’s proactive, not reactive. It’s easier to follow a defined plan than to make one up as you go. It’s also more strategic and allows for thoughtful creativity during the process.”

Having worked with credit unions across the country, the Marketing Services team is prepared to help credit union marketers develop an annual marketing plan that meets business goals and marketing objectives. The following tips are good to keep in mind when starting this process:

  • Limit the number of marketing objectives. You can have the same objective each quarter, but you don’t want to have too many packed into a month.
  • Set SMART goals. Make objectives or goals specific and measurable.
  • Promote your most profitable and popular product(s).
  • Increase product penetration with your current membership. Three or more products or timely services should be targeted to each member annually.

Define Your Audience and Approach

“We really enjoy helping credit unions leverage their data to define target audiences and the tools that can be leveraged to connect with members through personal, effective campaigns,” said Shannan Heacock, Senior Marketing Services Representative for Synergent. “The approach we take is tailored. One-size-fits-all doesn’t work for credit unions of different sizes serving different demographics in different regions. We recognize this and work to identify the right audience, products, and approaches to help credit unions send messages to members that are personal and relevant.”

When defining target audiences and various tactics, the following are some examples to consider:

Target Audience

  • Loan recapture
  • New membership
  • New accounts (within first 90 days)
  • Current members
  • Youth accounts
  • Senior accounts
  • Lending programs for current members
  • Business member accounts
  • Potential members in geographic areas surrounding your office or branches
  • Refer a friend

Various Tactics

  • Lobby posters/signage
  • Web banner advertisements
  • Promotional or specialty items
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Social media content
  • Interactive digital publications
  • Personalized, targeted mail
  • Newspaper advertisements
  • Radio and TV
  • Response tracking

Sample Marketing Campaign Checklist & Marketing Calendar

“Credit unions have a lot of options to consider when defining their campaign options,” said Doug MacDonald, Vice President of Marketing at Synergent. “Identifying goals, defining campaigns, and staying organized help keep a credit union’s annual marketing machine moving along at a steady pace throughout the year.”

Here is a sample checklist and marketing calendar to help with brainstorming and guiding your strategy:

Here to Help

Your credit union’s marketing calendar is tailored to your needs, to be a tool for you to drive your marketing campaigns. Synergent will collaborate with you to design a plan that helps you achieve your marketing goals, starting with your first campaign or initiative with a focus on the coming months.

We’re here to help with campaign and promotional material development, content strategy and creation, marketing automation, and data mining. Partnering with Synergent reduces stress and gives you the gift of more time to take care of your daily marketing responsibilities.

Your dedicated Marketing Services Representative will keep an eye on the marketing calendar throughout the year, ensuring each objective stays on track and is implemented on schedule. Proposals and estimates are provided when necessary for budgetary planning as your marketing needs evolve.

Get Started

Schedule your planning session today to get started. We also invite you to download our helpful checklist.

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