Reinventing the Common Bond: Considerations from a Marketing Workshop

This past Friday, I had the opportunity to hear from acclaimed credit union marketers, Kelley Parks and Lisa Moore, both of gira{ph} .  In an interactive workshop, we heard some big ideas and innovative examples of how organizations both in and outside the financial services industry are making an impact, strengthening their brand, and gaining loyalty.  Here are some key takeaways that provide some “Idea Soup for the Marketer’s Soul,” as the event was aptly called.

  • This a historic time to be in credit unions – don’t let it pass you by
  • If you’re not meaningful or unique you better be cheap
  • Find out what your members care about and take a stand
  • Your greatest differentiation is in your service and brand – make it count
  • We don’t sell products – we serve human needs
  • Ask – Who you are, what do you do, and why does it matter?
  • Reinvent the common bond – what makes your membership unique, and how can you serve their unique needs
  • How can you take your values and turn it into something people will talk about
  • Create a new experience for an old product
  • People want to interact with people – not products
  • Ask members – what are your financial goals?  And then help them meet them!