Taking Extra Precautions: A Message From Todd Mason

COVID cases and hospitalizations are surging across the country and around the world. The pandemic knows no boundaries. It is blind to our relationships with family, friends, volunteers, members, and co-workers. In fact, our greatest risk in catching this disease is likely from people we know because we often let our guard down with those we are comfortable with.

Fortunately, we are entering this surge with a solid foundation. We’ve been busy laying the groundwork since March and have gained tremendous experience from it. We also are going into it with a light at the end of the tunnel thanks to the prospect of a vaccine becoming widely available next year. Unfortunately, there is still work to do and it will be awhile before things return to normal.

Much of that work relies on personal responsibility and leadership within our own relationships. To put it simply, we must not let our guard down!

During this recent surge in COVID cases, it is clear that credit unions are stepping up. You are taking precautions in lobbies by limiting traffic or going appointment-only to protect members. You are taking precautions in the back office to keep staff healthy, like avoiding face-to-face meetings where possible and wearing masks. You are ensuring members continue to have access to the services they need whenever they need it, including shared branching via drive-up. You also are working hard to keep morale up with strong staff engagement and allowing for time to have fun. “Ugly mask” contests and casual dress days are a few examples.

Keeping up the momentum given all that we are doing is hard, but despite the fatigue, please continue taking COVID seriously. Wear your mask (even around people you know), wash your hands, avoid group gatherings, and always maintain safe social distance. Also, make sure you’re taking time for your mental and physical health. Get outside. Take a walk. Read a book or play a game. Exercise. Call a friend. Do an activity that helps you clear your mind and keeps your body moving. And, always—always—remain vigilant!

On behalf of everyone at Synergent, I extend my warmest wishes to you and your loved ones for a happy and healthy holiday season.