Top Ten Marketing List for #2021

Happy New Year! As we ring in 2021, is your marketing plan in place for the year? The new year is here, but it’s not too late to develop a strategic and effective marketing plan for 2021 or make tweaks to best meet your business goals and marketing objectives.

Synergent’s Marketing Services team works with credit unions across the country. From campaign and promotional material development, to marketing automation, to data mining, our team knows the recipe to make planning and implementation simple. To help you build a recipe for success, our Marketing Services team has developed a list of Top 10 Marketing ingredients to include in your plan:

1. Marketer’s Suite of Services
Synergent’s Marketing Suite of Services is a unique subscription set that unlocks the power of member data with automation to increase member engagement, product adoption, and utility. It includes transactional data mining, member email automation, and new member onboarding, packaged in a way that provides tools credit union marketers need without having to worry about budgetary constraints.

2. Transactional Data Mining
Your members are the most important part of your credit union, but your valuable data also tops the list! Transactional Data Mining (TDM) allows you to leverage this information that you already possess to reach the right members, with the right offer, at the right time. This increases their feeling of connectedness to your credit union while increasing your return on marketing investments.

3. Automated Lending Recapture
New business does not always come from new members. Recapture campaigns provide beneficial offers to your existing members that also can impact your credit union’s bottom line. One of our partner credit unions encouraged members to refinance auto and recreational vehicle loans that they held at other financial institutions or to open new loans with their credit union. This campaign yielded over $4M in new loan balances during the campaign period! A win-win for all involved!

4. Onboarding and Reboarding
Ensuring members are aware of all the valuable products and services available to them improves member retention, creates strong relationships, increases product penetration, and allows for greater cross-selling success. Onboarding is done within 90 days of a member joining your credit union. Reboarding is a similar member education campaign, targeting existing members with information about products they may not be aware of that may be beneficial to them.

5. Email Marketing Platform
The cooperative nature of our industry means never going it alone. There are a lot of email marketing platforms out there, but we are pleased to provide our own email marketing platform through Synergent that connects to your core data. This integration allows for a streamlined experience on a platform that includes online forms or collection campaigns, gathering opt-in emails—even automating list management. Our award-winning creative team is at your service to assist with strategy, creative, layout, headlines, and body copy.

6. Member Email Automation
You want to reach the right members, with the right offer, at the right time. But are you spending too much time just trying to get to your data, let alone segmenting it for use in your data-driven marketing efforts? Do you have to ask IT for a data pull every time you want to send a targeted email to members? This Application Programming Interface (API) allows for credit unions to truly automate email marketing—from core to the digital member experience.

7. Targeted Marketing
Targeted marketing and transactional data mining go hand-in-hand. You first need to know who you want to target. Once that has been decided by using data analytics, creating the message and getting that message to your members is the next step. By considering your audience, business goals, strategy, and delivery tactics, targeted marketing delivers messages to members that resonate.

8. Interactive Digital Publications
Virtually any traditional publication can be created as an interactive digital publication, an easy-to-navigate digital document that incorporates animation, transitions, sound, even video in an online format. It essentially takes your content and creates responsive HTML that is a hybrid between a traditional, static document and a webpage. It brings your content to life and is viewable on any device—smartphone, tablet, and desktop—optimizing content for each.

9. Virtual Member Meetings
Over the past year, we’ve all had to learn new ways of doing things. Annual meetings, member votes, and chapter gatherings all had to go virtual. We have tools in a prepackaged solution that include planning, live meeting moderation, emails to attendees, and rehearsal sessions to make virtual meetings run without a hitch!

10. COVID-19 Display Web Store
Looking for customized signage to communicate with members and staff at your branch? Whether it is indicating whether your branch is open or closed, reminding everyone of COVID-19 precautions to take, and helping everyone stay physically distanced, you can order banners, posters, floor graphics, window clings, lawn signs, and more through our web store. Create your account to browse the shop!

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