How to Make Your ‘Differentiating Factor’ umm….Different!

Guest post by blogger Sean McDonald, Your Full Potential Do any of these sound familiar?  We have the best products out there! Our service can’t be beat! Our rates are the lowest in our market! Our products are of the highest quality! These are just a couple examples of so-called differentiating statements that many companies… Read more »

What a Week: Strategize to Attract Young Members!

Happy Credit Union Youth Week!  Each year, credit unions take this one week in April to focus on their youngest members.  Whether it be through participation in the National Youth Saving Challenge, special giveaways, or even a full-fledged party, it’s a special week worth celebrating.  However, with the average age of credit union members often… Read more »

Whitepaper Shares Key Conversion Communications

To help credit unions best prepare themselves and their membership for a core system conversion, Synergent has recently released a whitepaper which examines the conversion process through two key lenses: employees and members. The paper features advice from credit unions who have recently undergone a successful conversion.   Speaking from Experience:  For example, when it… Read more »

Reinventing the Common Bond: Considerations from a Marketing Workshop

This past Friday, I had the opportunity to hear from acclaimed credit union marketers, Kelley Parks and Lisa Moore, both of gira{ph} .  In an interactive workshop, we heard some big ideas and innovative examples of how organizations both in and outside the financial services industry are making an impact, strengthening their brand, and gaining… Read more »

Don’t Build Your Brand on Price

Consumers interact with financial services firms based purely on cost, right? Wrong, according to Forrester Research study in Target Marketing. The study finds financial services firms mistakenly promote price as a brand differentiator when other factors are far more important to consumers. Instead, research suggests financial services marketers should first: • Build consumer trust. Less… Read more »

The Effect of Empowerment: A Culture of Service

When great service starts from the top, credit union members will reap the benefits! The same goes for how a service bureau, like Synergent, provides service to member credit unions. Here, Rebekah Higgins, Assistant Vice President for Synergent Card Services, explains how by empowering her staff, the result is the best possible service experience for… Read more »

Building Future Leaders a Fair at a Time!

Here at Synergent, we’re looking forward to the spring season not only for the increased daylight hours and warmer weather, but for the busy season of Financial Fitness Fairs that will begin in March! Founded in 2004, Maine credit unions introduced a new concept in youth financial education through Financial Fitness – A Money Management… Read more »

Lift the Curtain: Keep Staff and Members Clued-in on Conversion

With all of the chaos that a conversion of any kind can create – from a core processing changeover to introducing a new home banking platform – it can be tempting to take a “Wizard of Oz” approach, and not let your members see what’s going on behind the proverbial curtain. From this example, it’s… Read more »

Winding Up for Mobile Wallet Demand

While members may not be asking their favorite teller about your mobile wallet offerings yet, this may not be too far in the future for many financial institutions. In a recent whitepaper by Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group, Mobile Wallet: Reality Check: How Will You Stay Top of Wallet, the following recommendations for financial institutions… Read more »

Shh! Listening is the Secret to Superior Member Service

Today, I had the opportunity to attend a service seminar led by the service guru Rick Olson. The topic of the day was Communicate! Communicate! Communicate! While Synergent staff participated in the training to learn how to enhance our communications internally, as well as to enhance our support with our credit union partners, there were many… Read more »