Behind the Curtain: The Ahs of a Service Bureau

Look behind the curtain, and uncover the efficiencies, convenience and innovations that you may not have known about credit union service bureaus.  Outsourcing allows credit unions to focus fully on member service, recruitment, retention and satisfaction. Rather than becoming bogged-down in the high-tech lingo and hassles that can come with running an in-house shop, credit unions that partner with Synergent can… Read more »

When it Comes to Uniting, Credit Unions Never Take a Holiday

While many are looking forward to barbeques, planning for fireworks, or hoping for perfect beach weather as the 4th of July approaches, credit unions have been focused on coming together to ensure the continued strength of the Credit Union Movement. As credit unions fight to retain their tax exempt status, the new website established by… Read more »

Branding and Business Development: It’s more than donuts and coffee

Credit union branding has changed and evolved over the years; having an ad in the phonebook and putting donuts out in a business’ lobby is no longer an effective way to promote your credit union’s brand and attract members.   Blogger and industry speaker Mark Arnold shows that it is more than just the Marketing Department’s… Read more »

Keeping Tabs: The Handheld Payment Trend

When it comes to how consumers are getting and sending information, or even conducting transactions, the increasing popularity of tablets is becoming extremely evident – both through the research conducted on this topic, and from taking a quick scan around a coffee shop or even credit union board room.  As cited in the CU Times… Read more »

Smooth Sailing on a New System

Check out these Best Practices for Optimized Online Banking You know offering a sophisticated and convenient way for members to interact with their finances is important.   Equally important, is preventing members from experiencing a moment of panic upon logging in to a seemingly foreign online banking homepage. That’s why, if you are one of the… Read more »

Beyond the Buzz: Big Data

With all the industry blog entries, articles and conversations around “Big Data” lately, we decided to reach out to Synergent’s own experts on the timely topic to see what credit unions should really be considering when it comes to member data.  Here are their thoughts on what’s important and why  – and what you need… Read more »

EMV Update: What should credit unions being doing now?

As credit unions prepare for the implementation of EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) technology, there is a lot of information to sort through. Rebekah Higgins, Assistant Vice President for Synergent Card Services, helps credit unions prioritize how they can best prepare for the changes ahead, with this advice: • Fraud prevention is a priority • Review fraud… Read more »

How to Make Your ‘Differentiating Factor’ umm….Different!

Guest post by blogger Sean McDonald, Your Full Potential Do any of these sound familiar?  We have the best products out there! Our service can’t be beat! Our rates are the lowest in our market! Our products are of the highest quality! These are just a couple examples of so-called differentiating statements that many companies… Read more »

What a Week: Strategize to Attract Young Members!

Happy Credit Union Youth Week!  Each year, credit unions take this one week in April to focus on their youngest members.  Whether it be through participation in the National Youth Saving Challenge, special giveaways, or even a full-fledged party, it’s a special week worth celebrating.  However, with the average age of credit union members often… Read more »