Every month, you send statements to your members. Some members opt for eStatements, others printed and mailed, and some may even opt for both. These are a necessary part of doing business for every credit union, and every statement contains some of the same information: transactional summary, credit union name, member name, etc.

But all statements are not created equal. Not all statements are Enhanced Statements! Each month is an opportunity for credit unions to share services, promotions, and to inform members of the benefits available to them.

How It Works

With Enhanced Statements, credit unions can define set parameters and include promotional messaging customized on the statement, then segment the messaging to targeted audience. Statements are completely customizable using a logic-based system to target up to three groups. Credit unions then select the option that fits their needs, with multiple tiers to choose from. Each tier affords the opportunity to include a custom, uniform text message to all recipients at the top of the page, and the level of personalization is decided by the credit union!

Making it Personal Matters

We are living in The Information Age. We’ve reached the point that, when it comes to data and marketing, consumers expect that companies they do business with will know them from the data they already have shared. Enhanced statements leverage core data to target members with messaging that is relevant to them. This not only can improve communication, but also drives revenue growth.


What’s on an Enhanced Statement?

Maintaining Control

Whether you choose to use Enhanced Statements for a few special campaigns or want to offer this each month, the level and frequency of Enhanced Statements that your credit union selects is completely up to you! Want to have a monthly One-Graphic with a special Transpromo Two holiday promotion? It’s possible! Emailed statements appear in color, but mailed statements have the option of black & white, spot color, and full-color!

How Do I Learn More?

Contact us at rightsolution@synergentcorp.com!