Credit unions can gain efficiencies and time by automating processes. Episys is the most powerful, stable, and flexible core processing platform available. Programming is an essential way that credit unions can maximize their core investment.

We interviewed product expert Tyler Hudson, Synergent Team Lead for Programming & Analysis, for his insight on the latest PowerOn capabilities that Synergent has developed and unique ways that credit unions are using programming to simplify their day-to-day functions.

What are the latest PowerOn/PowerOn2 capabilities that Synergent has developed?

PowerOn 2 is currently in beta testing, but with regard to specific PowerOns we have developed, there have been many. The Challenge Questions module was a great additional feature added to the Account Summary screen. We did a Spotlight Solutions video which explains it well.

Last month, we announced two new tools: Tracking Record Summary and Inventory Type Summary. The Tracking Record Summary enables users to identify active Tracking Types in Parameter Manager in a few quick keystrokes. The Inventory Type Summary enables users to quickly identify active Inventory Types in Parameter Manager. With both tools, Episys responds with a list of the records in each category. These functionalities are already in a credit union’s live sym, can be used immediately, and at no additional cost!

On the reporting side, we just announced a new report, the Late Charge Summary, which shows a history of any late charges assessed to loans during a specified period. It shows the previous and current due dates, the normal payment amount, the late charge type, the transaction amount, and the effective date. The report also indicates how much of the late charge was collected, postponed, and waived, as well as which user posted the transaction. A total amount and late charge count for the period and totals by a specified user also are included. This report can be run manually or can be automated to run at set times.

What is the most unique use of PowerOn that you’ve seen implemented?

There are so many problems that have been solved with PowerOn and many creative ideas that have been turned into solutions. For Synergent the Account Summary page has been one of the most creative. It integrates with so many of our other solutions from ID retrieval from Synergy, eShare and eLoan History with check images, Collection Summary, Challenge Questions and so much more. It has hover functionality in order to give the maximum amount of information without cluttering the page. It really is a one stop shop for member information.

Why should credit unions partner with Synergent for their programming needs?

Synergent has been a provider of Episys for 14 years and our staff has extensive experience on the system. We have developed over 3,000 Symforms and 7,000 PowerOns. What we really excel at is taking what a credit union might want as an end result and we work with them hand-in-hand to develop a working solution that meets their needs. Our work doesn’t end with the first day that a solution is live, but continues on to make sure that each solution continues to meet the end user’s needs.

How can credit unions start a conversation with Synergent for PowerOn solutions that would work for their institutions?

We are actively engaging in conversations with credit unions everyday about PowerOn solutions. Any request can be made through a phone call, email, or opening a ticket in CUTRAC.  We will work from that initial contact to determine what a credit union’s needs are and to get the necessary individuals involved to work together towards a resolution.

How can credit unions help Synergent programmers continue to deliver the best solutions?

For any credit union who is using one of the many solutions we provide on a frequent basis, please let us know your feedback! What do you like or not like? What could we do to improve the specific solution? What other ideas for development might you have? We continue to try and develop the solutions we provide to make them even better.