Merrimack Valley CU ACH Auto Loan Campaign

Merrimack Valley Credit Union, with branches in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, operates in a competitive environment with many nearby financial institutions. It is imperative they stay ahead of the curve, so they decided to partner with Synergent Marketing Services for their latest marketing campaign. In an effort to use Synergent’s data mining abilities to the… Read more »

Dirigo FCU Auto Loan Campaign

Dirigo FCU used targeted marketing to encourage members to transfer an existing auto or recreational vehicle loan, or to open a new auto or recreational vehicle loan with their credit union. Transactional Data Mining (TDM) was used to identify offer recipients.

Oswego County FCU Auto Loan Campaign

Oswego County Federal Credit Union in upstate New York wanted to boost auto loan balances in the fourth quarter. Working together with Synergent Marketing Services, they created a campaign offering up to $300 cash back for refinanced or new auto loans and marketed this limited time offer to members using personalized postcards and emails. Members… Read more »

Bangor FCU Auto Loan Recapture Campaign

Bangor FCU wanted to encourage existing members to refinance auto and recreational vehicle loans from other financial institutions or open a new loan with the credit union. This award-winning campaign used a two-phased approach that yielded millions in new lending.

Sebasticook Valley Credit Card

Sebasticook Valley FCU has offered a Visa credit card to its members for years. They recently saw an opportunity for growth in both card adoption and card balances. By partnering with Synergent, the credit union ran a marketing campaign that yielded an incredible 730% increase in total new lines of credit and 155% increase in… Read more »

KV FCU ACH Auto Loan Recapture

KV FCU created a targeted auto loan offer with a cash back incentive for their members, encouraging new and refinanced auto loans. With the help of Synergent Marketing Services, the credit union implemented an email and postcard campaign, using the opportunity to also invite members to the credit union’s open house celebrating a new branch… Read more »

Bayer Heritage Mortgage

Bayer Heritage FCU, headquartered in Proctor, WV, wanted to bring their members home. They partnered with Synergent Marketing Services for their “Home Sweet Home” campaign and used Transactional Data Mining (TDM) to determine their target list of members. Clean, modern design was used on the postcards and emails that were sent to 4,056 members. The… Read more »