Winslow FCU Risk Advisor

Staying ahead of the curve with fraud security options for your members is essential in today’s dramatically changing payments landscape. Winslow Community FCU in Maine (Assets: $39M, Members: 4,700) partnered with Synergent Marketing Services to launch a fraud prevention campaign to encourage their members to sign up for text and/or email alerts to protect their debit cards…. Read more »

Webster FCU Deposit Campaign

Webster First Federal Credit Union, located in Worcester, Massachusetts, has served members of its community since before the Great Depression. They wished to drive higher deposits with an emphasis on certificate and money market accounts, so they partnered with Synergent Marketing Services to create a campaign that would achieve results and build on the credit… Read more »

Dirigo Credit Card

Dirigo FCU recently expanded its product line to offer credit cards with competitive rates and rewards. This new product needed strong marketing efforts for its introduction, so the credit union called on a trusted partner for a solution. Synergent Marketing Services was happy to answer that call.

Winslow Community Consumer Loan

Winslow Community FCU’s successful target marketing campaign encouraged members to transfer an existing auto, recreational, or other secured loan to the credit union. The credit union’s offer connected with the right members at the right time through a postcard and email

Tremont Personal Loan

Visions of Sugar Plums? Not quite, but Tremont CU had visions of campaign success that did come to fruition! The goal of Tremont CU was to increase their personal loan portfolio by 15% over the same period in the prior year by targeting members who did not have a personal loan and had not been… Read more »

Bayer Heritage Holiday Loan

Bayer Heritage FCU has a fun tradition. Each year, they promote an interest-free lending option to celebrate the season, promote community goodwill, and lighten the financial load on their members during the holidays. For years, they have partnered with Synergent Marketing Services to market this great offer to their membership. For members age 18 and… Read more »

Marketer’s Toolkit – Vol. 4 – Conversion Communications

Synergent Marketing integrates automation directly with the core. This allows for the fastest-to-market turnkey solutions that exceed results over any other managed services provider at competitive rates. From strategy, to custom creativity, to analysis and reporting, driving your return on marketing investment is our goal. We have experience in over 1,000+ unique, data driven projects… Read more »

Heart of Louisiana System Upgrade Campaign

Change is good, but converting to a new platform can be a major undertaking. Along with completing data transfers, bringing staff up to speed and training staff on the new system, how do you communicate important changes to members and staff? Heart of Louisiana Credit Union, headquartered in Pineville, Louisiana, navigated challenges with simplicity, style,… Read more »

Casco FCU Rewards Checking

Casco FCU, with over 8,500 members and $70 million in assets, wanted to offer members an impressive, branded, custom designed rewards platform. They had previously offered a rewards based account for many years through a third-party vendor. The program required manual transfers of files, and the credit union struggled with a process that resulted in… Read more »

Merrimack Valley CU ACH Auto Loan Campaign

Merrimack Valley Credit Union, with branches in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, operates in a competitive environment with many nearby financial institutions. It is imperative they stay ahead of the curve, so they decided to partner with Synergent Marketing Services for their latest marketing campaign. In an effort to use Synergent’s data mining abilities to the… Read more »