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5 To-Dos For Your Member Identification Program

Do you know who your members are? (No, this isn’t a trick question!) Each and every member your credit union interacts with in an official capacity should be verified upon initiation of membership and in each subsequent interaction as part of your Member Identification Program (MIP). Not only is this done to ensure that you… Read more »

Card Expert

Do you have a cards program? More than likely, your answer is, “yes, of course.” But what are you doing with the data your members are generating with every tap or swipe of their cards?

10 Tips for a Successful Virtualized Annual Meeting

Annual meetings usually are dual purpose. They are both a requirement and a time to connect in-person with your staff, board, and membership. At a time where we continue to practice social distancing, in-person meetings may not be an option. What do you do now? Move your annual meeting to an interactive online format. There’s… Read more »

Top Ten Marketing List for #2021

Happy New Year! As we ring in 2021, is your marketing plan in place for the year? The new year is here, but it’s not too late to develop a strategic and effective marketing plan for 2021 or make tweaks to best meet your business goals and marketing objectives. Synergent’s Marketing Services team works with… Read more »

ATM Managed Services

We all say it: There are not enough hours in the day. But what if you could have more time added back to your workday? Does your credit union find it cumbersome to manage its ATM fleet, juggling multiple vendor contracts and maintenance? Your credit union’s ubiquitous ATM terminals are more important than ever as… Read more »

Marketing Services Releases New 2020 Portfolio

It’s all about connecting with your members. Your members are why you’re here. Your credit union is why we’re here. Strategic marketing solutions help foster connections and strengthen your brand with your membership. Synergent’s Marketing Services team has released this year’s Portfolio highlighting past campaigns, results, artwork, and strategies. This interactive digital publication demonstrates what… Read more »

Synergent Suite of Services

Marketing budgets are tight. Even in years that are pandemic-free, the marketing budget never seems to go quite far enough. Credit union marketers have to pick and choose initiatives to stay on budget. What if you didn’t have to? What if there was a subscription set that included all the tools you need, freeing you… Read more »

Taking Extra Precautions: A Message From Todd Mason

COVID cases and hospitalizations are surging across the country and around the world. The pandemic knows no boundaries. It is blind to our relationships with family, friends, volunteers, members, and co-workers. In fact, our greatest risk in catching this disease is likely from people we know because we often let our guard down with those… Read more »

Smart Alerts for Real-Time Fraud Monitoring

The paper check. While it cannot be disputed that there has been a significant shift in preferred ways to pay to being digital, to date, no method of payment has ever gone away. Checks remain a key tool in transferring money from one person or business to another and this payment method is susceptible to… Read more »